O Ring seals

If you are in the market looking for premium quality O Ring seals manufacturers, suppliers, exporters in India, then you have come to the right place. Horiaki India Private Limited is a well known and trusted brand in the field of Rubber bonded products and plastics. O Ring seals are very important part of our product line and has been a very popular product not only in India market but also internationally.

O Ring seals

Best O-ring is the most common type of fluid seal. An O-ring's simple design lends itself to a multitude of sealing uses, including static, reciprocal, oscillating, and dynamic applications at low speed and pressure. In elevated operating pressure environments, the addition of a backup ring will greatly increase the extrusion resistance of an O-ring.

The most basic shape of an O-ring is a simple circular sealing torus, usually made from an elastomeric material. Beyond the standard O-ring, Horiaki India Pvt ltd can supply more advanced sealing designs such as Quad Rings®, which are specially designed for low-pressure sealing. Horiaki India also offers O-rings in advanced materials such as Ffkm, Fkm, EPDM, Fluorosilicone and other elastomer

O-Ring Customization Examples:

• Nearly Any Size Without Tool Fees
• Any color or durometer Hardness
• Medical Grade, USP Class VI, FDA, Drinking Water NSF-61, 3A
• EMI Shielding, Conductive, Metal Detectable
• Explosive Decompression
• Semiconductor
• Nuclear
• High Temperature
• High Pressure
• Chemical Resistant
• Internal or Surface Lubrication
• Specialty Chemical Resistance
• Extended Temperature Performance
• EMI Shielding RFI Conductive
• Coatings and Treatments
• Specialty Bagging, Labeling, Marking, Kitting or inspection

o-ring sizes

There are several different standards to choose from when it comes to O-ring dimensions. The most popular in the United States is the AS568 standard for O-ring sizes and tolerances. Maintained by the Society of Automotive Engineers, this standard allows the user to choose from five different cross-sections with inside diameters ranging from 1/32" to 26". Tube fitting boss seals are included in AS568 as 900 series O-ring sizes and are intended for use in MS33649 straight thread tube fittings. • Parker O-Rings, Japanese JIS O-Rings, Metric O-Rings, BS British BS1806 O-Rings are several other standards for o-rings

Set your own standards – If the O-Ring you need simply doesn’t exist, we’ll create it for you. And if you need help in determining which size and material is perfect for your unique needs, our expert consultants are just a phone call away.

Static Applications

In static applications, the O Ring Seals are fitted between the two non-moving/static parts so that O-Ring remains static in assembly. Whereas in dynamic processes

Dynamic Application

The O-Ring is fitted between the two moving/dynamic parts so that O-Ring remains will face the dynamic gland movement. The unique design and exceptional quality of O Ring Seals have made us a favourite in markets across India and the world.

Premium quality O Ring Seals parts are manufactured in Horiaki, It is one of the best manufacturing companies which also serves as the best importers and suppliers in Germany, UK, Europe.

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International Market

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