Rubber Metal Gaskets

If you are in the market looking for premium quality Rubber Metal Gaskets manufacturers, suppliers, exporters in India, then you have come to the right place. Horiaki India Private Limited is a well known and trusted brand in the field of Rubber bonded products and plastics. Rubber Metal Gaskets are very important part of our product line and has been a very popular product not only in India market but also internationally.

Rubber Metal Gaskets

Best Rubber Metal Gaskets are in compliance to world standards like KTW, W270, DGVW, WRAS ETC are standardized and are only manufactured with SYNTHETIC Rubber SUCH AS EPDM, NBR, SILICONE, FKM, FFKM having a hardness of DIN 53505, Shore A to make them resistant to water, seawater, pond water, closed-loop water up to 90°C and also against alkalines up to some extend like 50% NaOH at 50o.
For effective functioning at even high-temperature range of approx. +80°C and for short-term up to +90°C, HoriakiIndia Pvt. Ltd.  Rubber Metal Gaskets Water Lines, Rubber Metal Gasket DGVW etc. have the density DIN 53479, g/cm3 1.384. Based on our own test facilities Horiaki India Pvt. Ltd. manufactured rubber-metal gaskets are certified resistant even against natural lighting, weather and ozone. Limited only by the natural properties of vulcanized rubber our rubber metal Gaskets are not resistant against fuel, mineral oils, acids and gases.

Materials: NR=Natural Rubber(SMR)
Application Field: Water, Closed Loop Water Arrangements, Soluted Lyes at max 50% conc. and mx 80%
Colour: Black
Hardness: DIN 53505, Shore A 60-80 +/-5
Density: DIN 53479, g/cm3 1.384
Temperature: approx. +80°C, short-term up to +90°C
Certificates: Approval of own test facility.

Chemical resistance :

• Vulcanisates of natural rubber (NR) are resistant against water, seawater, pond water, closed-loop water up to 90°C
• Partly against alkalines, 50% NaOH at 50°C
• Sufficient resistant against natural lighting, weather and ozone
• Vulcanisates of natural rubber (NR) are not resistant against fuel, mineral oils, acids and gases

Application field: The application of NR-vulcanisates is possible where natural media have to be sealed. Temperatures higher than 90°C have to be avoided.

Function and durability: The performance and life of Horiaki gaskets depend in large measure on proper storage and fitting, factors beyond the manufacturer's control. We can, however, vouch for the excellent quality of our products. With this in mind, please also observe our installation instructions.

Rubber Metal Gaskets KTW

• The gaskets are made of elastomer butadiene-rubber in different types -with inside  vulcanised steel ring
• Sizes at the measurement table:
d1 = Inner diameter
d2 = Outer diameter
s = Thickness
• Vulcanised rubber gasket, cross the section in lens form, rounded edges.
• Inside vulcanised steel ring, therefore good reception of the bolt force.
• Outer diameter of the gaskets fits to the inner bolt circuit for self-centring.
• Dimension in DIN EN 1514-1 (replaces DIN 2690 ) for the pressure ratings PN 6 to PN 40.
• DN 15 up to DN 2000