Rubber Tubes

If you are in the market looking for premium quality Rubber Tubes manufacturers, suppliers, exporters in India, then you have come to the right place. Horiaki India Private Limited is a well known and trusted brand in the field of Rubber bonded products and plastics. Rubber Tubes are very important part of our product line and has been a very popular product not only in India market but also internationally.

Rubber Tubes

Best rubber tubing from other types of tubing is its rubber-based construction. Rubbers are elastomers, materials which have high yield strengths which allow them to be stretched much farther than other materials without suffering permanent deformation. Rubbers are known for their flexibility, tear strength, resilience, and thermal stability up to certain temperatures. Rubber materials can be classified as either natural or synthetic.

Various types of materials we offer:

• Black neoprene rubber tubing
• Neoprene tube is identified by ID and Wall Thickness
• Black 60(+/- 5) Durometer Shore A
• Sold in full rolls of 100ft unless otherwise indicated
• Tensile: 800 psi
• Elongation: 300%
• Specific Gravity: 1.3
• Extruded to RMA Commercial tolerances
• Meets ASTM D2000 3 BC 607 A14 B14 F17

Viton fkm rubber tubes
• Viton® is the most specified Fluoroelastomer rubber for fuel system seals, hoses, o- rings, and gaskets as well as many other uses.
• Viton® has excellent temperature resistance (up to 400℉) and offers a wide range of fluid and chemical resistance to oils, lubricants, and fuels.
• Tubing Extrusions
• Viton® Tubing available in Durometers 60-90

Latex rubber tubes
• Amber latex rubber tube (also available in black)
• 35(+/- 5) Durometer
• Tensile: 3500 psi
• Elongation: 750%
• Specific Gravity: 0.95

Sponge rubber tubes for insulation
• This pipe insulation is a flexible elastomeric thermal insulation
• Black in color
• Supplied as unslit tubing
• In nominal wall thicknesses of 3/8in., 1/2in., 3/4in., and 1in.
• In popular sizes up to 6in. IPS
• The tubing is made of nitrile/pvc blend
• The expanded closed-cell structure of this makes it an efficient insulation

• It can be used to retard heat gain and control condensation drip from cold-water plumbing, chilled-water, and refrigeration lines
• It also efficiently reduces heat flow for hot-water plumbing, liquid-heating and dual-temperature piping

Nitrile foam rubber tubes
• Made from Nitrile rubber. This material strikes a good balance between cost and quality.
• EPDM foam tubing is available for high UV outdoor use.
• Foam tubes are available cut to length or by the foot.
• Many sizes are available in coils
• Meets or exceeds ASTM D1056 Type 2,Class A, Grade 3 Specifications

Non latex stretch rubber tubes- gooch tubing
• This tubing is the material used to make rubber bands
• Made of Synthetic Polyisoprene
• Wall thickness is .040 to .045"
• EPDM compound is also available

Silicone rubber translucent tubes
• Color: White translucent
• Durometer: 55(+/- 5) shore A
• Temperature: -100 Deg F to +450 Deg F

Gum rubber tubes
• Cost-effective, Resilient, and Abrasion resistant
• It makes an excellent vacuum tubing in smaller sizes because of its tear resistance and memory
• Versatile and cold temperature resistant
• It is able to maintain a high coefficient of friction during most applications


• Abrasion Resistant Finish
• Better Strength
• Durable
• High-Quality Raw Material
• High-Temperature Resistance

Sizes Available:

• From 10 mm – 200 mm